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Keeping the world informed one story at a time
Live streaming service for weddings,business events, Birthdays, Sports church meeting and all types of events.
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Share your wedding live on the web

The newest trend in the wedding industry is Internet broadcasts of your wedding live over the Internet with a wedding Webcast. You can reach all your friends and family that couldn’t actually make it to your wedding.  

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Watch any where
in the world
Digital Album HD Live Streaming
Digital Album Experienced Team
Digital Album Professional Equipment
Digital Album Turnkey Solutions
Digital Album Multi Network Streaming
Digital Album Archives of Event
Live StreamingMarriage Live Streaming-HD
Live StreamingText-Audio-Video Guest Book
Live Streaming3D Picture Gallery
Live StreamingInstant Archives
Live StreamingShout Box
Live StreamingLive Statastics
Web Conference Secured HD Live Streaming
Web Conference Interactive Interface
Web Conference Multi-Media Presentations
Web Conference High End Equipment
Web Conference Expert Solutions
Web Conference High Volume Connections
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01. Qualified Technician
Our Technicians are Professional in Live Technology 
02. Good Web page Design

We design beautiful website for wedding couple or required event type website. 

03. Professional Equipment

We use professional equipment for uninterrupted live broadcasting. and we carry alternatives also.

Live Streaming Features
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Private server

If Client required private server we will provide at extra cost

Youtube and Facebook

Stream to multiple platform at the same time 

Live Chats

Convey your wishes, chat with others,  this is support only on YouTube and Facebook streaming

Password Protected

Your privacy is very important to us. if any client required protection for live we provide this service 

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Live Notification

we will notify when live stream starts. please subscribe to YouTube channel

Wireless Technology

We use Hollyland  wireless system for high quality video transmission 

High Quality

we don’t compromise in quality 

Embed support to any website

share embed live stream player to any website no restrictions

Technical Issue Resolve Center
Our Professionals
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₹ 3K
Per Hour
Live Stream to youtube
Live Stream to Private Server
Custom Web Page
Wireless Video Transmission
₹ 15K
Per Match
3 Camera switching
Replay and Highlights
Live Scoreboard
1 Ball Follow 2 Strait Cameras
Graphic Overlays
₹ 10K
Per Event
Live Stream to server
low latency
Professional Cameraman
RTSP Streaming
Stream to any Broadcasting channel
Social Media Stream simultaneously
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Live Streams
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Wathing Hours
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K +
Live Views
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Custom webpages
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Shyam & Pranavi

Shyam & Pranavi Wedding Live on 1st June 2023 Please Subscribe And Get notification when the live stream starts Subscribe…

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Visakhapatnam A.P.
Vijayawada, A.P.
Hyderabad, Telangana




Phone: +91 95503 55554
Mobile: +91 94933 95333

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